Statutory Declaration.

In the UK a statutory declaration is most commonly used by an individual who wishes to change their name. A statutory declaration is a legal document by virtue of the provisions of the Statutory Declarations Act 1835 and as such must be signed (Notarised) by a solicitor.

A notarised statutory declaration prepared by a solicitor will cost in the region of �20 to �100, but this cost can be greatly reduced if your prepare your own statutory declaration document.

Because there is an inherent cost with a statutory declaration we recommend that you use a change of name deed poll, as these can be created free of charge. In fact we've heard that many of the companies, banks, utilities etc. that you need to inform of a name change, don't seem to accept or recognise a statutory declaration. This is wrong and such companies need to be more informed, after all a statutory declaration is a legally binding document. We think this is mainly due to the fact that the most know form of changing your name is a deed poll.

However, if you do decide to go down the statutory declaration route, make sure that you shop around. Fees vary widely, from �5 upwards, so a quick phone call to a number of solicitor's for a quote is best.