Changing your name by deed poll.


So you want to change your name with a deed poll? You've probably found this site by searching google for deed poll information; Like you, thousands of people in the UK choose to change their names by deed poll each year! Deed poll documents are the most recognised way for you to alter who you are known as.

Continue reading and you'll soon be able to change your name for FREE by using our deed poll service.

It's a little known fact that there is no need to pay to change your name in the UK. All you need is a 'deed of change of name' document that has the correct wording signed by two witnesses. This is known as a deed poll (not deed pole). have designed a FREE online deed poll creation and download service. This gives you your own printable deed poll document that you can send to relevant authorities allowing you to change your name.

Perhaps you've just married (or divorced) and want to change your surname or you just don't like your current name, then this is the deed poll service for you. Changing your name by deed poll is now easy and free.

If you require a service that will print and send you your deed poll, you'll find plenty of links to deed poll companies dotted around this site.

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What is a Deed Poll?

A name change Deed Poll is not a certificate, it is a legal document. It is a style of legal contract, differing slightly from normal contracts between two or more individuals, in that it only relates to one person (it is only endorsed by that person). A name change Deed Poll thus binds the individual who signs it to a specific course of action (deed) as written on the Deed Poll document, name change.

Name change Deed Polls can be used for various reasons relating to a person legally committing themselves to doing something. However deed polls in general have one accepted meaning, changing a person's name (name change). It must be noted that the correct legal name for a deed poll document that has been made to change a person's name is a Deed of Change of Name.

A change of name Deed Poll must contain three declarations and by signing, dating and having your signature witnessed you are committing yourself to that deed poll:

  • The use of your previous name has been abandoned;
  • Your new name will be used at all times;
  • All persons are required to address you by your new name only.

To summarise, a name change Deed Poll issued by this site provides you with the written evidence that you are legally binding yourself to using your new changed name.